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TheFarmII_Land_10x20_acrylic_ $170_

The Distance_oil_24x36_$570






The Farm Series is based upon my recollection of my many visits to my grandparents farm in Nebraska.


Although my styles are varied, there is a consistent theme in my artistic endeavors: to express emotional concepts and experiences through distortion and abstraction of figures and landscapes.  


Regarding the farm house:  To me, this place was a palace beside a gravel road.  When it burned down,  I had trouble believing it had happened and every time I return to the site where a nice prefabricated home now sits, I can never get over a suspicion that it still exists somewhere and an elaborate trick has been played.  Sometimes if I can’t sleep, I close my eyes and try to walk through the house, sitting to watch Matlock with my Grandpa – or my beloved Wheel of Fortune with my Grandma, wandering into the kitchen to grab a cookie, stepping out onto the wrap around covered porch to assist in the tornado watch, pushing open the screen door to step into the humid night and chase lightning bugs, or to help my brother and my cousins, blowtorches in hand, set off the most spectacular 4th of July Fireworks show….ever.


Regarding the fields:  When the corn was at full height, and the wind was picking up speed, I always imagined I could hear the ocean.  The best thing to do in this situation, of course, is to pretend you are underwater.  I always did, and still do if an opportunity presents itself.  My best memories of the fields were watching my dogs running as  fast as they could, seemingly unaware or anything but their joy.  This is why some of their appearances within this series are entitled THE JOYFUL.


This show is dedicated to everyone who has a magical feeling about a place in their past, that they can almost see or feel, but not quite, reach and seek as they might.

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